Vixx Studios is an Eco Conscious Womenswear  brand built with engineering in mind. 

Vixx Studios was derived and born from the mind of Designer & Engineer Victoria Cummings. Inspired by the bold idea of incorporating engineering and fashion, Victoria trail-blazed a lane for this concept bringing the future of fashion to the present.

Her fashion creativity was evident even in adolescence when she would upcycyle clothing in order to express herself. With her parents believing that there was no lucrative future in fashion, she was forced to take the traditional college route as a senior in high school.  While researching Material Science & Polymers at Princeton University,  she discovered that she could use her B.S in Chemical Engineering to work in her favor and pursue her true passion. From that moment, she knew every decision she made, including attending college was all apart of her journey to become the "Science Creative" she is today. 

For questions, press, or other inquiries please contact us at Vixxstudios@gmail.com

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